task USOURCE don't work

hi all.
when i try to use USOURCE for transfer a program from PC to mainframe, this task show this error:

but the tasks are located in the directory “C:\Program Files (x86)\Software AG\Entire Connection\proc\usource.ncp”

the notebook that i use, it been configured from company i work.
i think the configuration of Entire connection is not correct.
the notebook is protected and i can’t create a directory in “Program Files”
how can i upload a program in Test Enviroment of mainframe?

or in general, is there a guide for entire connection?

I’m studing natural from 2 months
Sorry for my english!

From the readme.txt file :

Entire Connection uses the current directory for several file output operations,
for example, in procedures. Unless specifically set by the user, the current
directory is the startup directory which is the program directory.
For Windows Vista, this is a problem because Vista does not allow to write to
the program directory.
The procedure SETLOCALDIR.NCP, which is shipped with the sample procedures, can
be used to change the current directory to the user’s application data folder
On XP, the application data folder is in
“\Documents and Settings<user-name>\Application Data”.
On Vista, the application data folder is in
“\users<user-name>\appdata\roaming\software ag\entire connection”.

The procedure file SETLOCALDIR.NCP looks like


  • This procedure sets the current directory to a place on the local

  • hard disk where everybody can write to. This is the ‘application data’

  • directory of the user that runs this procuedure.

  • We use a sub directory "Software AG/Entire Connection’ from there.

  • Example:

  • Under Window XP:

  • C:\Documents and Settings\myuser\Application Data\Software AG\Entire Connection

  • Under Windows Vista:

  • C:\Users\myuser\AppData\Roaming\Software AG\Entire Connection

  • File: setlocaldir.ncp

  • Get the HOMEDRIVE of the the current user
    set #environment ‘HOMEDRIVE’

  • Change to HOMEDRIVE
    chdrive #environment

  • Get the ‘application data’ directory of the the current user
    set #environment ‘APPDATA’

  • Change to APPDATA directory
    cd #environment

cd “Software AG”
if #RC NE ‘SUCCESS’ goto createSAGDir

cd “Entire Connection”
if #RC ne ‘SUCCESS’ goto createPCCDir

  • Creates a sub directory ‘Software AG’, if this doesn’t already exist.
    md “Software AG”
    if #RC ne ‘SUCCESS’ goto fatalerr
    goto cdSAGdir

  • Creates a sub directory ‘Entire Connection’, if this doesn’t already exist.
    md “Entire Connection”
    if #RC ne ‘SUCCESS’ goto fatalerr
    goto cdPCCDir

wait ‘Unable to create directory’[/color]