Remedy adapter with Arabic language


I got remedy adapter running in Windows (with windows native lib), and had
problem when I send Arabic text (UTF-8 encoded). In Remedy client they see all the text characters as question marks (which means encoding of text is corrupted).

I tried to use “Language / Locale” in connection properties (which defines encoding at session level) but it seems it has no effect. I tried to use several including “ar_SA.ISO-8859-6”, “ISO-8859-6”, UTF-8.

Coincidently I found a workaround which worked in Windows, it is as following:

- Language/Locale is set to empty

- Convert text encoding
pub.string:stringToBytes (encoding=Cp1256)
pub.string:bytesToString (encoding=autodetect)

- Map the text to the create adapter service.

After this workaround in remedy client we can see the Arabic text correctly. I checked the text we are sending, it is Cp1256 encoded when mapped to create
adapter service.

Also I got remedy adapter running in Solaris (with Solaris native lib), and had the same problem the Arabic text I send is viewed as question marks in Remedy client. I tried the same workaround in Solaris but did not work using ISO_8859-6 as encoding.

Does anyone knows how the native lib of Remedy uses the encoding, is there any environmental variables I need to set in Solaris.

//Platform info
IS Version 6.5
IS Updates IS_6-5_SP1
OS Platform sparc
OS Version 5.8
Adapter Version 6.0
Updates RMDY_6-0_Fix2

AR system version 6.3
AR platform sparc-sun-solaris2.9

Your help is appreciated


what are the encoding settings on the database behind AR?

Any language settings for the AR Server or the boxes running the clients?


Hi Holger,

Database encoding: NLS_CHARACTERSET= AL32UTF8.

For language settings for the AR Server, could you please explain how can I get them ?

Thanks in advance


in Remedy User I found something like “Locale” under
“Extra”->“Options”. There is a field for “User Locale”.

Maybe you have to check for additional language packs that need to be installed for AR Server and Remedy User.

Another place to look into might be the Configuring_AR_Sys guide.

I am not an AR specialist, just integrating AR into my App.
We use Remedy User for data verification for debugging the integrations.