Reloading a service

As opposed to reloading a package, Is there a way to reload just a service ?


I believe there is no option provided for this in the want to refresh the service Caching?

May be we can request this future with webMethods Inc,…What you say?

Reloading feature at Service level is nice to have. In certain environments we dont directly code but move node.ndf and flow.xml files etc - To get the latest code for a service, it is nice to have a reload at service level. This will not affect other services that might be in use in that package.

May be there will be complications to rleoad at service level for java services.

if you are using webM release mechanism to move the code across servers and install the release, then you don’t have to reload the package.

if you are manually copying the flow.xml and node.ndf files, then you have to reload the (whole) package to have the new service in effect.

you may want to have a re-look at package management to overcome this problem; implying have similar group of services in a package (rather than one big package serving multiple functionalities).

Thanks for your thoughts. We dont use webM release features. We use Rational SCM tool to manage and promote code. This requires reloading at package levels.