Reloading a changed DTD


I am using a dtd in configured operaion on XML adapter. After I changed the DTD, I am not able to see the changed structure in “input fields” tab in the configured operation. Can anyone please tell me what is the problem?

Do I need to restart the adapter process to load the changed dtd?

Quick help will be appreciated.



All you need to do is to hit the Blue Reload arrow on the Input Mapping tab and that should re-read your DTD and update your input mappings which will then show in the input fields tab of the operation.



I did that… but still I am not able to see the added element in structure.

You probably need to restart the adapter and then hit the Blue Reload arrow. Are you using the XML 4.2 or an earlier version?



It is necessary to re-start the XML adapter. Besides this, we use another way with which we don’t re-start the adapter:
After the DTD file (e.g. XMLFile.dtd) has been modified, we copy the modified DTD to a new file (e.g. XMLFile_New.dtd). In the configured operation, we change the old DTD file to the new file. After RETURN, the adapter reads the new file and the new fields will appear. Then, we change the file name back to the old file.

Hope you find our way is better than restarting the XML adapter.