Invalid modification of schema...


Forgive me if this question has already been addressed, but if it was, I couldn’t locate the answer. I seem to be missing something basic. When you encounter an error such as INOXDE7955 “Invalid modification of components…” your only recourse seems to be to undefine the current schema (requiring the deletion of all document instances of that schema) and then redefining the new schema. This leaves you with a correct schema but no all of the prior documents are gone. How are you to recover the deleted documents? If you restore from a backup, obviously the old schema would be restored as well.

Jim McDowall

Hi Jim,

Normally you would unload your data first using a tool such as the Tamino Data Loader or Java Loader, then undefine and redefine the schema, then reload the data. You might need an additional step to modify the unloaded xml data prior to reloading it, if the schema changes demand it.

In your case, where the data is completely lost, you could restore it first, and then start with the process above.

Does this help?

Thanks, Bill. That’s what I need to know.