Relate Document on basis of Custom Attributes


I am looking for a way to relate TN documents on the basis of custom attributes we are extracting from our TN docs. We are saving all attributes/docs to TN database. Is there any way to query TN database for document on the basis of some value for custom attribute?
Or there is some other way to relate documents on the basis of custom attributes to the document which are already in DB?
Please suggest/ share your views.


No… you can only relate docs based on the from/to bizdoc id’s (InternalD) and so cannot be using attributes.

Yes can try use tn:query (WmTN) services or db call directly to lookup bizdoc values.


I am able to query docs on the basis of attributes and pass them for relationship. My relate doc service seems to be working fine (giving UpdateCount = 1 , which means docs are related) but I am not able to see them in MWS as related. Its not creating any relationship among docs with the name I am giving it… :frowning:
Not able to find any error…keep researching though…

Any thoughts? pls suggest.

The moment after I posted my last reply, I tried something again. Time was good, I found silly mistake. My child bizdoc was getting overwritten…now I can see relationship created! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear its working!