EDI Document Duplicate Check -- Any help appreciated

Hi All,

We are trying to perform a duplicate check on a particular field in EDI Document in the Trading Networks.

We need to extract the Field from the EDI document and perform a duplicate check on it in TN.

Any advice on how it can be done ?

Thanks a lot in advance,



You could extract/store the field as a custom document attribute. To validate, you should be able to execute wm.tn.query:createDocumentQuery, wm.tn.query:documentQuery to see if document(s) already exist.

Hi TillMan,

We wrote a custom service in IS and also updated the TN user status.
I was wondering if there is any configuration tht can be done in the TN directly to perform the duplicate check.

Thanks for the info !

Lavanya Poduri

Lavanya, you can configure TN to perform duplicate checking via the Pre-processing tab on the Processing Rules Details. wM TN User’s Guide has info on this. If you want to check for duplicate for something other than Doc ID, Sender, Receiver, or Doc Type, you would need a custom service and I’m pretty sure you would still need to be storing the custom document attribute for the successful documents so your duplicate checking service can query on that.

Duplicate EDI control number checking can be performed via TN Trading Partner Agreement.


Glad to know it is working :wink: using Custom Service logic and update UserStatus as per discussed.As i also mentioned there is not direct configuration in TN unless you are going to check duplication of contrlnum,sender/receiver,TN docid etc…via ProcessingRule,TPA…