Regarding SAP Transations

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I am new to SAP Integration. I need a small help regarding the SAP Transactions. I would like to know the SAP Transactions which are more useful from webMethods point of View. Like SAP transaction WE19 to generate IDOCS.

If anyone can list of the Transaction names and its purpose. It would be of real help.I can try and can learn or atleast post where can I find the transactions.

But There might be so many SAP Transactions…but What are the things which are used from webmethods point of view. I am more curious to know them.

Please anyone…Help me!!

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A few more handy tips:

WE20: Set up the trading partners based on SAP customer number, what transactions, etc.
WE05 To View IDocs in the SAP system.
WE19 EDI test tool. Used to test inbound Function module(RFC)changes.–outbound testing use
SM59:To configure/create SAP RFC destination (ProgramID etc…)
VOE2: List of inbound TP’s by SAP customer #, sales org, distn channel
VOE4: We use this table for the SAP sold-to customer number, the ship-to code, and the SAP ship-to customer number. This is used mainly for inbound 850 transactions.
OVA9: See description on web site given in the link earlier
OVAI: See description on web site. We use Vendor = TP ID; Partner description = ship-to code; Sold-to party = SAP sold-to customer number
SE37-run the function module in SAP using SE37

Here is the link that gives some details on these SAP transactional/screens.


Thanks so much!!

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