Recursive Sequence and properties visibility

I have a sequence that call itself, and this sequence uses some properties. My problem is that this properties have changed when the sequence calls itself and returns. So, are there any way to define a property as “local” to a sequence execution (like a variable in a method)?. I have read about the “xbd.private.prefix” property, but ,although it could be achieved with this, it gives to much complexity to the solution…

Hi Chechu,

Mediator properties are associated with the message, and not the particular sequence. While it is possible to manually save and restore property values, I agree that it can become quite complex.

One possible enhancement we could consider would be some sort of an automatic “push and pop” of certain property values as an optional part of the statement. I am thinking along the lines of specifying a prefix for user properties and an property matching the prefix would be saved and restored as part of the . Does that seem to meet your needs?

Best regards,