Conditinal Sequence Document

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Could the Sequence document can take in dynamic values at the time of
processing. Consider a situation where in my application would like to
process the sequence document for a particular user, identified by a
UserID. So, in this senario I would like to send the UserID as dynamic
value to the sequence document. Could this be possible. These values are
something like KeyFields that should be passed in the form of a Config file
along with the Sequence document ,to the Orchestrator gateway. The format
for the Config file is something like this …

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Yes you can assign the Mediator properties dynamically.

All you have to do is use the SET statement to set the relevant Mediator property of a step. For example, you want to set the mail-to property of your mailgateway. You would then add a SET just before the mailgateway step.

You would have to ensure that you pass the value as a property or you would have to use the Emerger to create a property from an element or attribute in your xml doc.