Invoking Mediator Sequence which are stored in Tamino?


I would like to store my Mediator sequences in Tamino and be able to invoke them. How do I go about doing this? Is there some way to directly invoke them with some interfaces with Tamino, or to retrieve the sequence XML and then invoke it?


I recommend to install Tamino 4.2 first and after this XML Mediator 7.4.1. In this order Mediator installation is doing all config work for you in Tamino (creation of DB and collections) to let you store sequences in Tamino and you can invoke them too.
I hope it helps!

Hi Prince,

You should definitely look at the Repository support in the Mediator Studio, particularly Tamino WebDAV. This supportt will be fully integrated into the Tamino kernel later this year. One advantage is that future version of Mediator will support versioning of projects and documents in WebDAV.

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