Providing Network Credential

Suppose I have stored a Mediator sequence at http://localhost:8080/Sequence/Seq1.xml where this resource requires authentication to access (I’m using Apache Web Server).

I have tried to include the username and password arguments in the method in the JScript, but it still showed error 401 in Mediator log which said that http://localhost:8080/Sequence/Seq1.xml cannot be accessed. Do you have any idea on how to provide credential such that Mediator can access this sequence xml?

Also, within any Mediator sequence itself, when there are needs to access other sequences, xsd, xsl, or any resources which are located in password protected path, how do I provide credentials so that Mediator can access the resources?


Hi Prince,

The 7.3 version of Mediator does not have any specific support for HTTP authentication. There is support available in the 7.4 version, however. That version is scheduled to become available at the end of the year.

Hope this helps.

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