Can Mediator help in failover handling and load balancing?

Hi. I’ve some questions regarding mediator.

1. How can mediator helped in failover handling and load balancing?

2. Is there a possible way to restart/refresh components in the mediator without having to go to the SMH to refresh or start/stop the host manager. That could mean that whether we can build another app that creates a XML sequencer doc and load it into mediator thru the usage of some APIs( if there’s any ).

Thank you.

Hi KooKie,

To answer your first question, failover handling for external application could be accomplished in Mediator in the form of “on_error” sequences or “while” loops. I am not sure of this is an answer to your failover concerns. If I knew more about your failover concerns I could be more specific. Load balancing is again something you need to build into the application. You can route messages to specific Component Factories and/or start multiple factories on dispersed platforms, to mention a couple of Mediators capabilities.
The answer to your second question is quite timely. The upcoming version of Mediator will introduce property based resource cache control. This should make it much easier for users to introduce updates to their production applications.
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- Matthew G.

Hi KooKie,

If you run multiple component factories, Mediator will schedule work in a round-robin fashion to all of them.

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Thanks for the replies.

As for the failover handling, I’m thinking of in the case while mediator was doing a transaction, the system crashes, and whether mediator could repeat/restore this transaction again upon coming back online.

The 2nd question is mainly due to the fact that our clients wanted to know whether they could dynamically generate/modify the sequencer workflow themselves thru their own built apps, instead of using the sequencer tool, and also, whether they could refresh the mediator components upon changing the workflow via their own apps, instead of physically going into the SMH or start/stop the host manager.


we will release a new Mediator version end of March. This version completely replaces the Sequencer GUI. I bet your client will stop developing sequences without the new IDE, the Mediator Studio.

Hi Francis,

In the next release after 7.3.1 Mediator will include message payload persistence and this will allow automatic restart of failed sequences.

To your second question, the first patch to 7.3.1 will include control mechanisms for the resource cache, so you can specify that certain documents are not included in the cache.

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