Mediator Sequence - Conditional with multiple clauses

Hi All,

This is a very simple question but I don’t find the way to do it.

Working with Mediator Studio, I need to create a Conditional (If) with multiple clauses, just like this:
If (property1=X and property2=y and property3 and …)

I have too many clauses to use a sequence of If’s, it looks few “elegant”.

Does anybody know how to do this?


Hi Pau,

The Mediator’s statement does not directly support complex relational expressions. You can accomplish what you want by combining XPath evaluation with a boolean statement, like the following:

In this example, P1, P2, and P3 are message properties. Also, since all Mediator properties are strings, you need to understand the XPath rules for converting values (like numeric or boolean) to strings.

Hope this helps.

Hi Mike,

That’s the solution.