Default value of property newMessage


I’ve been having problems with a sequence I’ve created, I keep on getting an error saying that the specified cid (content id) does not exist when I do a set of the current content id.

I’ve tracked the problem down to that was not set in a Tamino query. According to the documentation the value is false by default but this doesn’t seem to be the case. If I explicitely set the value to false my sequence works. So it would seem that if the value of newMessage is not set, the setting default to true.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hello Jean,

The is being deprecated in the next release. Its implementation was well intentioned, but had extremely limited use cases. In every instance we have seen, customers have been using the property for the wrong reasons. I suspect there is another problem lurking in your sequence. If you post it, we can take a look.

Best regards,

Hi Mike,

I just noticed that I set the property to true when I make the connection, the property is probably not reset so that is why I had to set it to false when I did my query.

Thanks for your help,