Recognition was ambiguous

Hi ,

i have a problem while processing a doc in TN…i am getting the error as Recognition was ambiguous and the sender and receiver were not being identified and default rule is being selected…


Do you have the document type defined in your TN > Document Types section twice by any chance? If so, this error is expected.

Is it some custom document or eStandard document like EDIINT, X12 Envelope?


This ambiguity is between one custom document type defined by me and estandard document X12Envelope

Please make sure the custom doc type extract/recognition criteria is not the same as the standard one already in place:

Otherwise you need to disable one of doctype to get it working:


I don’t see any recognition criteria for the standard one i.e X12 Envelope

What was the custom doc type criteria you set? I believe it’s conflicting with any other doc type:

Does the name of the custom document that you have defined is same ‘X12 Envelope’?

The name of custom doc type is “EDIFROMPARTNER” and the doc type that is conflicting with this doc type is “X12ENVELOPE”…the pipeline matching for the custom doc type i have given is “EDIECOM” based on this TN is recognizing the doctype…but when i submit the doctype to TN i am getting the above error i.e " Recognition was ambiguous"

Okay… Problem is not with the document type… I hope you might have checked directly if the document is recognized in TN by doing a test document… Now, in your transaction entry, is it only the sender / receiver not getting recognized or even the document type name is not recognized?

Is the doc type name is recognized? If yes please check the Identifying and extraction criteria and it should not conflict with X12 ENVELOPE.