Receiving and Sending Flat File VIA AS2

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First off I would like to thank all of you whom look and reply to my question.

To the task at hand, I am looking to use the similar process of sending/receiving AS2 from a client as all of us do with XML but the client will be sending the files in a pipe delimited flat file.

We are currently using webMethods 8.2.2 and wondering if anyone of you can shed some light on this and help in regards to what needs to be done.

Hi Marlon,

For receiving flat files, wM service, wm.EDIINT.rules:processPayload, provides a user exit for processing payloads which are neither EDI nor XML. Content type may be something like application/octet-stream. The wM The user exit invokes your service (determined from EDINT property, wm.EDIINT.userProcessPayloadService=) to process the payload.

For sending flat files, you need a service that invokes wm.EDIINT:send (like you probalby already have for XML), but the data/contentType would be application/octet-stream instead of application/XML.

Hope this helps.

Yes content type should do the trick handling FF via AS2 and for the receiving end make sure they send application/octect-stream and you may need to troubleshoot the processing payload that get’s persisted to the TN incase the doc type recognition not works as expected as processing the FF is not directly support from the EDIINT documentation.


Content-type application/octect-stream may not be the best for your flat file. I’d suggest to use: text/plain .
As Mary mentioned, in your user process service, you will have a pipeline variable of: contentType, you can check/trigger logic there. The content of the flat file payload will be in stream object (name: stream), you can convert it to string right away.

yes text/plain or application/x-wmflatfile to start with octect-stream mostly used for handling pdf or any binary files.


Hello all,

I will try this great approaches to my issue and reply back with my results.

Thank you


If client is sending you data as FlatFile via AS2 then you can still use EDIINT services to receive so it can understand the Content-Type and then Extract the Attachment or content by using the getContentPart service and further you can use the convertToValues service in WmFlatFile package by defining the schema and so on

Yes make sure the content-type is text/plain and follow the reset content retrieval in the down stream steps as long the payload extracts to TN.