Receiver ID in TN with OAGIS

Hi All,

I’m using OAGIS v9 Business Object Documents (BODs) to communicate with our Trading Partners, via TN, with wM IS v6.1.

In order to route the XML, TN needs to identify
-Document Type via the Root Node
-Sender via the /ApplicationArea/Sender/LogicalID

What about the receiver ID?

I know that OAGIS does not have a placeholder for it because, theoretically, the sender doesn’t need to know how the receiver are in a pure Pub/Sub Paradigm.

The fact of the matter is that TN needs that info to know to who to send the message to.

After brainstorming with some colleagues, extending the User Area seammed like a solution, adding a new field ReceiverID, but that implies changing the XSDs, which is something I do not want to do. Another desadvantage is that other Types that reference the UserAreaType, would have a ReceiverID field that could make no sence in that context.

I’m in a dilema. I don’t want to Extend the USer Area, but I don’t want to use any field to hold the Receiver Information.

Has anyone been faced with this problem? How did you overcome it?

Thanks in Advance,

In one of my previous work,we gone with OAG8.0 customized BOD’s and added elements for Sender/ReceiverID placeholders under the UserArea section for making recognition in TN.But i was not involved in the customization discussions and recognition problem may be one of the reason.

There could be other ways handling with out customization,but sometimes customized way let moves a head.


You can use the PARTNER segments in the OAG BOD to extract a specific partner record to identify the receiver if the receiver information is being sent in the PARTNER segment.