Receive csv files via AS2

I want to receive csv files via AS2. The customer also wants me to return a MDN. I have EDIINT module installed. I need a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

Any help the community can provide is much appreciated.

I’ve managed to work this out. Here are steps:

  1. AS2 trading partner must send the message with content-type text/plain. This ensures the input to the receive service has a stream variable.
  2. Set the EDIINT configuration parameter as follows:


  1. Run service wm.EDIINT.util:addContentType with input text/plain. This registers text/plain MIME type to be handled by the EDIINT content handler.

  2. Write a service as specified in step 2 to provide TN_Parms parameters SenderID, ReceiverID and DoctypeName. Invoke the service routeFlatFile.

CAUTION:- The way EDIINT works with non-xml/non-edi formats is to specify a single service that handles all of these formats. You may have a number of different trading partners sending you flat files and it will be down to this service to distinguish between different flat file types.

Looks like you’re on the right track, Yunus.

Thanks for the elaborated info to the community users on handling this custom processing!

You are right on the path :slight_smile: