real time communication between natural and web

I am curious how the real time communication happens between natural and web application :?: , can anyone share their thoughts and educate me?


Wait for NaturalONE, which has been announced. Software AG is presently giving demos and presentations.


What do you mean by “real time communication between Natural and web application”?


I have been asked this exact question by our architecture guys when a web enabled function was deployed…
Everyone expects the use of EntireX, but when accessing an xml page via the Natural program it seems like a synchornous socket call via TCP/IP is issued…

I would also appreciate an explanation on the technicalities around the use of the comms layer.

There are 3 interfaces a Natural program can use to access the internet.

  1. Natural Web Interface. Requires EntireX on MF and Unix, may communicate directly with the http server on Windows.

  2. REQUEST DOCUMENT statement. Direct http communication by providing an URL.

  3. CALLNAT statement. Uses Natural RPC via EntireX when the subprogram is not local.

However I am not sure whether this answers your question. Please provide more details when my answer is missing something.

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