Re:Failed to create osgi profiles

Hi Experts,

After installation of MWS got reporting error

Installed wM9.8 version
MWS going to fail to create the new instance

install log:

JAVA_HOME: C:\SoftwareAG98\jvm\jvm
MWS_HOME: C:\SoftwareAG98\MWS
WM_HOME: C:\SoftwareAG98
Creating new server instance. Please wait…
Buildfile: C:\SoftwareAG98\MWS\server\deploy.xml
FAILED to create new server instance. Please see new_default.log for details


While creating OSGi profiles to MWS getting following error.

FAILED to create an OSGi profile for the server instance. Please see create-OSGi-profile_default.log for details.

AND fixes are not installing for MWS please find attached image

Plase, suggest on these issues…

Thanks in advance.



Please check with SAG support.

I had a similar issue with fix MWS 9.9-20 which forced me to recreate my entire environment (I had no backups).

Best regards,

@Gerardo Lisboa

Thanks for your suggestion.