Random extra delivery attempts in TN 40

Hi All
We are using TN 4.0 with B2B 4.0.1 with CloudScape DB as Partner Server. When a partner server is sending some documents to the Hub, we are getting duplicates. After analysing the logs and Activityu logs I found some extra delivery tasks in TN for the same document with same task ID. It does not say restarted (So it not our restart service)
Anybody had this problem? Any patch, or service packs used?

There was a fix for TN. Apparently, more than one thread was trying to deliver the document (and succeeding in your case.) Look on Advantage, under FAQs for TN, and there should be a list of all of the fixes for TN.

You may want to evaluate your use of Cloudscape in a production environment as this is not recommended.

Hi Ray,
As you mentioned, I did raise the question about using CloudScape DB. it was here before I got here and heard it has some other reasons behind it.
I will look into the advantage site. Thanks for the help.