Queue does not recognize the queued tasks

I have a queue that seems to be disconnected with the queued task. wm.tn.queuing:getQueuedTask service is not getting the task from the queue but wm.tn.queuing:listQueuedTasks shows there are 23 tasks in the queue. I resarted the server did not make any difference. Tried to drain the queue, did not resolve the issue.

wm.tn.queuing:getQueuedTask does this service has any inputs?

Per doc,

You will use this service when you create a scheduled delivery service.
The scheduled delivery service uses this service to dequeue a delivery task and then delivers the document. After delivering the document, your scheduled delivery service should invoke wm.tn.queuing:updateQueuedTask to update the status of the queued delivery task.

Did you figure out the root cause yet?

Private Queue or Public Queue?

Hi Meena,

There’s a package of utilities here on Tech Community called “TundraTN” which has a robust dequeueing java service in it, among many other helpful services. Have a look into it. If you have any questions, ask Lachlan Dowding (he’s a member of Tech Community) as he is the author of the package.