TN Queue scheduled service

We are using TN Public queues for batch processing. Whenever a Public queue is created on Trading Networks, a related service is Scheduled for the queue with specified time interval. However, I can’t find anything on the Scheduler’s page that indicates which deliverBatch services are attached to which queue.

Does anyone know how I can determine that without having to specify different time intervals for each queue?

When you create a queue, a scheduled service is created by Integration Server using services from “pub.scheduler” Folder. While creating the scheduled service, the Queuename like “Queue1” is set as input. Unfortunately you do not
see that input in Administrator-ScheduledServices-GUI.
This means, to find out, which queues stand behind the scheduled service, create a custom flow with the steps below:

  • pub.scheduler:getTaskIDs (gets all scheduled taskids)
  • Repeat for taskIDs
  • taskIDs → pub.scheduler:getTaskInfo (gets scheduled task infos)
  • if “service”-Parameter in pipeline equals “” do
  • extract inputs/queue from pipeline like “Queue1” (that is the queuename)
  • inputs/queue →
  • evaluate queue-Document, queue/schedule/service-Parameter in Pipeline shows the Queue