Can any one help …

How can I add Queue name in schedulars? while creating it is not showing any option …After creating it is displaying queue name as N/A

Hi Sri,

can you please provide some more details where you are trying to create schedulers?

Which type of queues are you referring too?


Hi Thomsen,

some one in team had created schedulers(simple and complex tasks) in Integration server as Administrator

when we try to delete that schedulers they are deleting but when we restart the server again it is showing all the deleted schedulers

Services given to schedulers is not custom defined it is built in services and queue name is also added

For that purpose i want to know how queueS are assigned to schedulars

What are those schedulers can you give those names that are recreating?

FYI…Some of the system created schedulers you not supposed to delete them.



there is one pre-created scheduler (at least when using ProcessEngine/Monitor): wm.monitor.admin:imageCleanup
This one will recreate itself upon server restart if missing (this is defined in one of the startup services of WmMonitor package).

Please check if your packages have such Statrtup services which might be creating these tasks upon server start.

Additionally these tasks can be checked in the database table IS_USER_TASKS.
This table is part of the ISInternal function.

The list with the system tasks is maintained internally by IntegrationServer and cannot be modified directly.
The schedules are derived from different settings which are described in the IS Administrators Guide, i.e. log file rotation.

Can you provide a screen shot where you see the Queue names not being set?
I am currently not getting the point where and/or why queue names should be assigned to scheduled tasks (schedulers).


Apart from the above you would also see TN related schedulers auto created for Public Queues (assuming you have TN components installed)… Please do not delete from the IS Admin schedulers page rather you should manage these from the MWS TN pages ONLY.


Hi, is scheduler service and we are using Public queues also

As you told TN related schedulers auto create for Public queues How can I delete them from MWS