TN Delivery Queue and it's associated IS service

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We have defined a TN Delivery Queue and configured TN processing rule to queue the task in this Queue.

I can’t seem to find the TN Delivery IS service associated with the TN Delivery Queue. Can you please advise what naming format does the TN follow to create this Delivery IS service (associated to the TN Delivery Queue), so I can search accordingly in the IS server.

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For every queue there will be a schedule created on Integration Server, pointing to service

When schedule gets kicked, based on the type of queue (Batch FTP, VANFTP, EDI Batch), associated service will be triggered by

Please find the list of services associated with type below:
Queue Type -------> Service
VANFTP -------> VAN.VANConnectivity:putToVAN
EDI Batch -------> wm.b2b.editn.batch:batchProcess
Batch FTP ------->


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