EDI Batching Feature

Hello Everyone,
I’m working on the EDI Module of webMethods 6.5 SP2. In our project, we have gotten to use the EDI Batch delivery functionality for sending all the outbound EDI Documents once in a day to TPs. In order to achieve this I’ve written a flow service that forms a BizDoc having EDI transaction and submits to TN. Here are the steps I’ve used in the service:

 -stringToBytes ([SIZE=1]Here I'm giving EDI X12 transaction having Interchange and Group segments[/size])
 -SEQUENCE ([SIZE=1]Obtain TN's Internal ID's for Sender and Receiver[/size])

In TN I had defined a processing rule that gets kicked off after identifying sender/receiver and document type as ‘X12 Envelope’. In the processing rule under Action tab I had chosen to deliver the documents via scheduled delivery and hence created a public queue and schedule it to fire the wm.b2b.editn.batch:batchProcess service after every 10 mins (Just for testing sake).

Now, the trouble comes when I test the setup by submitting a few dummy EDI transactions using the above mentioned service. As many transactions I submit I get that many entries in TN having Processing Status=QUEUED. I waited for neary 1/2 hour (however, the scheduled execution time was 10 mins) but nothing had happened. The status remained unperturbed.

I went to Developer and ran “wm.tn.queuing:getQueuedTask” which would cause the status to be changed to ‘DELIVERING’ under Task list. However, the status in TN had still been sticking to QUEUED. I had tried each and every possible thing that I could to make out where the problem was before writing this post.

I hope I have been able to do the justice to the problem’s explanation. I would really appreciate any tiny help in this regard.


What is the status of the queue (enabled, disabled, etc.)? What does the job for the queue in the scheduler look like on the IS admin page? Were you able to set the inputs to the batch process service successfully? I know there was a fix issued for this problem in EDI for TN 6.5. Have you tried calling updatedQueuedTask after you’ve retrieved it from the queue to see if that changes it? Have you verified that the task you get from the queue is the one you want to process? Any more info. you could provide would be helpful.


Here is the information you have asked for:

Queue’s status is: Enabled
Job for the queue in IS Admin page: One-Time and Simple Interval Tasks
Service: wm.tn.queuing:deliverBatch
Interval: 600.0 sec
Active: Active
I think when the outbound EDI documents have Envelope in place then we don’t need to give inputs to the service. Nonetheless, I’ve given inputs to the queue at the time of creation.
Would you give me the details of the above said fix. Because, I don’t think I went for any fixes.
For rest of the questions I don’t have any distant idea how to put in effect (e.g. updatedQueuedTask).

I have not shut down or restarted the server for last 4 days and since then the status under transaction analysis for all these batched transactions are coming as ‘QUEUED’. But when I go to Tasks it’s coming as ‘DELIVERING’.