Question Upgrading to 46 from 402

It will be great if folks can tell me the pros and cons of 4.6 vs 4.02.
We are thinking to upgrade but still suspicious-one of major problems of handling large files through TN will be apparently solved but has anyone had any exposure?

Hi, Krishna. There was some discussion on this topic a few months back (

Aside from the new support Web Services and SOAP capabilities, I have found that the best improvement has been from a development standpoint.

Multiple developers can work on the same package at the same time; developers can edit services on multiple servers without logging out/logging in of the current server; refresh rates are quicker.

There are other features, too, of course. IS 4.6 is clearly an improvement on earlier releases of the IS/B2B Server.

If you have the resources to upgrade to v4.6, you should. If for nothing else than the cool color scheme in Developer. :wink:

Thanks Dan,
Great info! Though I wanted to find out more if the large file handling capabilities which webmethods documents on 4.6 say have been added has been tested by anyone.
Large files are definitely are problem with 4.0.2 and the corresponding TN version.Also what if any are the changes with the reverse invoke process(any stripping of content headers still on or otherwise).

I believe 4.6 is now passing all header information through the reverse invoke.

We’re also running 4.0.2 and want to move to 4.6 - but with caution. We’ve been advised by wM to at least upgrade the outer server of the the reverse invoke to 4.6 as it seems to be more stable. Sometimes we’ve experienced dead-lock on the outer server when things get real busy. We haven’t tried it yet though.

Cannot comment on the large file handling either.

We upgraded to B2B 4.6 too. One thing you must do is to ask WM for the list of 4.6 fixes in advance and work out which ones you need. For our transition, we found out (mostly the hard way), that the following fixes were required in 4.6:

IS_4-6_FIX_19, IS_4-6_FIX_13, IS_4-6_FIX_9, TNS_4-6_FIX_10, TNS_4-6_FIX_7, TNS_4-6_FIX_4, IS_4-6_FIX_4, IS_4-6_FIX_3

You can see the list of applied 4.6 fixes in “Server > About” screen.

Also, if you are using the C1 Onramp Version 3, make sure you have Build #63. You can see the C1 Onramp Build ID by clicking on the “About” link in the Onramp window.