Webmethods 46 and webmethods 61

hi friends,
can anyone say the difference between webmethods 4.6 and webmethods 6.1?does the components developed in webmethods 4.6 work in webmethods 6.1?

U need to enhance the code that u have written in 4.6.

How to enhance the performance of JDBC connection .

Repeat with me “webMethods is not a product, webMethods is not a product, webMethods is not a product”.

Integration Server 4.6 is a product. Most services written as IS 4.6 Flow or Java services will run virtually unchanged in 6.x.

The 6.x release does offer many improvements over 4.6, such as the use of the JDBC adapter rather than WmDB that are usually worth the effort required to rework the code to use.


webMethods is not a product, webMethods is not a product, webMethods is not a product. I love sing-a-longs.

Another important aspect for all 4.6 Integration Server users, the all important support and bug fixes. Which happens to be going away for 4.6, End of Maintenance in March of 06 and end of complete support in 07. Here is the link for the support matrix.


If you are going to upgrade you might want to take a look at 6.5 IntegrationServer so you don’t start out behind.


Hallelujah brother!