Should I upgrade my server from 36

Currently we are using WebMethods Version 3.6 (530) and are considering upgrading. One question I have is what does the upgrade consist of? Also, what are the improvements/bug fixes of the latest release? What version should we upgrade to? Any thoughts are appreciated.

Consider postponing your upgrade for a few more months. By then webmethods 6.0 version will be out.

Otherwise you can upgrade to version 4.6. This is also a big move and you have to adhere to all the rules mentioned in the webmethods installation guide.

The upgrade consists of upgrading the webMethods server and the webMethods developer. If you use TN then you have to upgrade the webmethods Trading Networks server and TN console too.

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Thanks for the quick response, VR.

The pleasure is mine, Ryan.

If you’re going to wait, you should wait for 6.1 (or 6.5). The .0 release of any product has headaches and this one will probably have some growing pains given the breadth and depth of the changes being made.

I believe 6.5 will have upgrade/migration tools, though if you’re only using B2B Server/Integration Server this probably isn’t as important.

As far as information on feature updates/bug fixes you can look at the release notes for 4.6 in Advantage.

Some more food for thought. The security infrastructure changed significantly between 3.6 and 4.0. Due to this, you cannot use 3.6 Developer with 4.x IS (or vice-versa).

Also, 3.6 shipped with Anonymous access by default. 4.x and above ships with all services secured by login/password by default. This is the biggest stumbling block for 3.6 (and prior) upgrades. Services that were accessible may be secured.