Differences between TN 46 and TN 61

Hi All,
I am novice in B2B Integration with WebM.I just want to know what are the differences between TN 4.6 and TN 6.1 apart from the fact that conversation scripts getting replaced by a process model.How different is to make a B2B Integartion in TN 6.1 when compared to TN 4.6.
Any pointers to documentation explaining the above is appreciated.
Thanks in Advance.

In TN4.6 Conversation scripts are mainly used mainly for eStrandards such as (Rosettanet-PIP,CIDX,PIDX etc…)integrations and correct there are replaced by a process model in IS/TN6.x.

“How different is to make a B2B Integartion in TN 6.1”
Integration wise it is same style…
Basically some enhancements done in the 6.x compared with4.6.Technical enhancements such as the Developer/TNConsole GUI/extra Builtinservices/Broker Merge with IS/FlatFile processing/EDIModule/JDBCAdapter/security related/SOAP-webservices/Increased performance/thoroughput etc…some sample enhancements.

Please download the readme/release file of WM6.x installation about the features in this relase from Advantage.webmethods.com