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In a production environment, I don’t need to have mws running all the time, do I?



If MWS is used for configuration only then no you don’t. If it is being used for say looking at audited service failures for example then yes.

thanks, that is what I thought.

We only use it to mark documents pub/sub.

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webMethods version?

You also need MWS to monitor broker, publishable documentType, trigger, clients etc And also to see audit logged services, Business process instance, TN.

Are you using WmBrokerAdmin (which is deprecated)?


it is version 9.5

We only use broker for pub/sub of documents, and IS with triggers to call up database, the only time I actually needed mws in the past 4-5 years (with version 7.1.2 of course) is to make a document pub/sub ble.

I actually have the mws down and only running broker and is for a week or so, and have not seen a problem.

I have of course installed mws and did all of the set up necessary, at least I thought so.