My Webmethods Server Configuration

Hi all :smile:

I am facing lack of information regarding configuring the MYS once installed:confused: … I would like to know what are the various configurations that has to be done on MWS after installation…(like broker, metadata library etc.).
And also where can we find the information regarding the Configuring MWS ?

Please help…:sad:

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you may want to reffer to the following documents
*webMethods71_documentation\My_webMethods\7-1_Getting_Started_with_My_webMethods.pdf, and


Hello chakri,

We had gone through these documents and followed the steps given in that… still MWS is not configured and not starting… could you please suggest what to do …and how to configure MWS…

Hello SBK,
Need few more details.

  1. After you try to bring up MWS, is server going down automatically? if yes, what error you are getting before shutting down?
  2. If you don’t see any error, provide the MWS full.log file for verification.
  3. On which Operating system, MWS is running?


Hi Kasturi/Sbk,

Kindly provide MWS version, full.log for inspection. Without that we can not guess, as there are lot of chances. But one quick check is Db configuration. Check whether your mws-db.xml is properly configured or not.


There is something called as MWS initialization to be done before MWS can come up.
As well as mentioned above post the error log here.