Install same MWS Server for all environment(DEV, Test and PROD)

Hi All,

Installing same MWS for all environment(DEV, Test and PROD) :

Is there any possiblity we can go ahead for installing same My webMethods server for development, test and production server.


no you need one per environment.

I agree its not desirable to have only 1 MWS server but if you were only using it for basic things (broker admin, even BPM) AND this MWS has direct network access to all the DEV, TEST and PROD machines it needed to talk to, then this would work

hope this helps a bit. Still, go one per environment :slight_smile:

Why would you want to do that?
Is there a reason behind such an approach?
I have never seen anything like this, this is a highly unrecommended architecture where one instance supports several environments.

I didnt say it was a good idea to do it, I merely said it was possible :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

We are considering installing a total of two MWS in our solution. One MWS dedicated for our production environment and a second MWS for all our non-production systems such as dev, test and QA. I’ll report back much later after we get it installed and give everyone feedback on our experience.

I take my words back.
I did come across a client that deploys dcova’s methodology and works pretty well.
But remember two things,
#1…its should only be used for broker ,TN and basic functions.
#2…keep in mind , if you are heaviliy dependent on it and MWS becomes unavailable , you are stuck…unless you have a clustered MWS running on a oracle RAC DB ( or something smiliar)