Query about TN

Hi all WM experts,

We currently had an existing Web application running on webLogic server to allow client post a web form via HTTP servlet (this servlet will validate data and process).
I’m starting using wM Trading Network for a B2B chanel to allow clients
to send secured XML message for the above web form.
My question is:
What the best way to validate the message received by TN (Can we called
the servlet from WebLogic to reuse existing codes for validation)?




The structure of the XML can be validated within TN at the document level or at the Processing Rule level. However if you want to validate the data, you may do so by defining an XSD and using the pub.schema:validate as the first step in your IS service that processes the XML. If XSD is not an option, then you can use a custom validation service as the first step in your processing service. The custom validation service may be built within IS or may reside in an external jar.

My two cents.