Q4 2022 Highlights of the IoT Developer Ecosystem


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With this article I want to share the highlights and news of the IoT Developer Ecosystem in Q4 2022.

Tutorials & Tech articles

In Q4 we have published a lot of useful and heterogenous articles. To name some topics we have covered: Data Integration, Web Development, MQTT, OPC-UA and many more. Below you find a list of all mentionable articles.


In Q4 we had 2 great IoT developer events so far. Click on the links to watch the recordings.

The next IoT Developer event is scheduled for Q1 2023. If you are interested in attending in future events and get notified please join the IoT Developer Group

For Software AG Employees there will be an onsite Hackathon in Dec. 2022 where we focus on Quick Wins for Cumulocity IoT.
Sharable results will be shared after event.

Open Source

First of all, the IoT open-source ecosystem is growing: In Q4 we have reached the awesome number of 326 open source repos for Cumulocity IoT. For a full list please check out this repo:

Now to the mentionable open-source contributions:

Dynamic MQTT Mapper

It has been developed in a couple of weeks to fill the gap to map “closed” MQTT devices dynamically in a zero-code approach to the Cumulocity IoT domain model. Since the event (see Events) we have received a lot of feedback and a lot of new features like binary and flat-file or protobuf support has been introduced.


thin-edge.io has made great progress in Q4 with the 0.8.xrelease which introduced enhanced child device support, remote self-updates or enhanced service monitoring


The go-c8y-cli of @Reuben_Miller is widely used and a great helper exploring the REST API of Cumulocity IoT. Reuben is maintaining that project very well so in Q4 he kept it updated and added new features like child/parent flag support or adding new commands for new APIs.

Conclusion & Acknowledgment

In Q4 we have provided a lot of useful developer content! I personally thank all the contributors for their great work I mentioned earlier in this article!

If you are interested in any topic which should be covered either as an event or article, feel free to get in contact with me!

What to expect in 2023?

In Q1 2023 I will launch the IoT Community Awards to honor those who actively participate in the IoT Community by published articles, speaking on events or helping out in the forums. Stay tuned for more details!