Publish the data by getting from REST call

I have posted data using REST able to get the Data but not able to publish the data .
Please see the attachment and help me out.

There is a “documentToXMLString” service invocation in your flow, where you have not mapped anything in its mandatory input variable named document, so that invocation is failing.
Since that service/step invocation is present before the publish step, naturally the publish step isn’t executed.


Hi KM.

Thanks for your response. I am providing the screenshots clearly in a sequence.
Could you please help me out .

Input/output Parameters:

Mapping for publish a document:

Providing the input from Postman using POST method in JSON format.

After providing the input and executing the service facing.

When we debug the service .

In your JSON (i.e., data), the list is named “Employee” while in your service input and the mapped document is called “webMethods.documents:EmployeeJSON”, which obviously doesn’t exist at runtime due to your JSON naming.
So, in your debug you see “Employee” document at runtime, but that’s not the one you are mapping.

Rename your service input document to “Employee” and redo the service mappings.


Even though facing the same issue. at runtime

Post the mapping and debug screenshots again.


Input parameters:

Mapping from the input to another publishable document :

Debug :

The input data types vs runtime data types are incorrect, so naturally your mappings are not working, mate. The error “document” is a required parameter is exactly the same from earlier, which is a dead giveaway that your data vs mappings are still incompatible.

You have a type of Document (single element) in the service input and mappings, while your runtime data is a Document List (an array/list of Documents), and then their structures are also not the same.

These are basics of Flow service development and forum members cannot help down to this level. Do practice the basic elements and play around with them.


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Thank you for your response and support

@pramod08webmethods ,
In case you didn’t know already , there is a series of tutorials at this location - Latest Integration-Server-and-ESB topics in Knowledge base - Software AG Tech Community & Forums ranging from basic to advanced. And for flow you can check out - Search results for ‘webmethods flow tutorial’ - Software AG Tech Community & Forums


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