How To Implement webMethods SoftwareAG using Upload File with Postman

Hello , i’m newbie about upload/download file using like this ,

i want to ask about this .
How To Implement webMethods SoftwareAG looks Like this???

i want to Upload that file using postman and copy to other server

  1. using name key textfile and Value take from file (Explorer)
  2. Send Data to endpoint sample : 123.456.7.89:5556/restv2/ogie.resources:restresources/getEmployeeByID (look images)
  3. response code or response message and detail using json file

I need sampling data or capture data detail package and other

SoftwareAG Version : 10.7 (On Premise)
OS : Windows 10

thanks for help

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hi @andiogie ,
Data can be uploaded from postman client as mime data.
Please refer the below article where i have talked about how the data can be sent as attachment using postman client.

Let me know if this helps.

Vikash Sharma

Thanks for your answer Mr. @Vikash_Sharma1

But I Need Some capture based on webMethods SoftwareAG (On Premise)

Whats services/component package to use?? thanks

hi @andiogie ,
The mime services are present within WmPublic package(WmPublic–> mime).

Vikash Sharma

can you show me an example flow services and map???


hi @andiogie,
We can create the flow service on the on prem IS with same steps what we have created in the cloud.
For your reference I just dragged the couple of steps on onprem IS.
PFB the screenshot for same.

For more details please refer the documentation.

Vikash Sharma

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Try this

i tried this services , but which run flow services???


Dear All , i tried to using this package detail :


and this is my pipeline :

for filename , how to without using filename? because i want to upload using form-data from postman.
i just use sampling data like D:\fileA\test.txt

Content-Disposision = form-data
thread-input = form-data

targetDirectory = D:\fileB
appendTimeStamp = yes

please correct me if i wrong , and i want to upload using postman (with different file and folders)
this is sample file

i tried to use services detail but its not work properly…

please correct my services , thanks

please refer to the thread shared, you dont need get file.

thanks , i tried to implement this service , but something like this .

can you help to solve this case , how to get HeaderLines ? thanks

Did you read the document linked by @Vikash_Sharma1 ? If not please read the documentation first because there is already a good example in the documentation.

There are certain steps that needs to be taken before learning a new subject. You need to learn walking before running a sprint.

Thanks @engin_arlak and @Vikas_Sharma1 . i created this services based on document sampling
but i want to ask how to insert string using fileattachment based on image below?

and i want to output looks like this


Did you check the second part of the document ?

By the way are you trying to call an external service which has a file as parameter or are you trying to expose an Integration Server service which you can call using postman? Your question is unclear. You might be doing something completely unrelated to your requirement.

when you send a file thru postman it comes across as following:

Content-Disposition: form-data; name="FileName"; filename="filename.txt"
Content-Type: text/plain

Here is your data


What all parts did your service capture?

Dear All, i’m sorry about miss communication , and sorry for bad my english , this is sampling data and detail :

i confused about how to implement using webMethods , and output like this (example)

input using form-data , and Key sample-file , value get file from other files .
and copyfile to other path directory .
example : get file from explorer let says name : test-file.txt
Send using postman and output : copyfile to new directory : D:/
i tried to read any documentation or forum , but i still confused for implement.

please need help such as created sampling services based from your source .

I’m using SoftwareAG On Premise
Version 10.15

thanks a lot everyone

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