pub.client:soapHTTP - Connection Refused Error

Hello - I have created a webservice connector for a service deployed on my local machine. The service is deployed and running. When trying to test it, I get the following error:

Could not run ‘createOrUpdateProductMovement’. Connection refused

Any suggestions will be appreciated!


This typically means the wrong port is specified in the URL. Connection refused is usually “you got to the right machine, but nothing is listening on the port you specified.”

But the port specified in the address is correct. This is the URL I am specifying:


When I put this in local browser, I can view the entire wsdl.
And I have specified the same address in the webservice connector.

You don’t invoke a web service by posting to its WSDL URL. Instead you need to post your Soap request to the endpoint address indicated inside the WSDL.


The wsdl is located on my local machine. When I created the connector, I specified the location to this wsdl.

Inside the wsdl, is
<soap:address location=“[B][url]http://localhost:8080/pm/pm[/url][/b]” />

That is the address it is trying to connect to and gives “Connection Refused” error.

It means, the mentioned web service is not on your local machine. Typically, when the WSDL is generated from the machine where the web service resides, the soap address is created as ‘LOCALHOST:port/ServiceAddress’. But this should be changed either to the ip address or machine name over the LAN or internet as: [URL=“”][B][/b][/URL] or [URL=“”][B][/b][/URL]

Check where exactly the mentioned web service resides and change your ‘Address’ in the connector service.


Also apart from the above, make sure the service ACL is properly assigned if you are using Basic Authentication or Anonymous (no authentication)

http://ip or hostname:8080/pm/pm"

thanks1 That did it

I’m facing similar issue while calling pub.client:soapHTTP, although we have set a timestamp of 5 seconds on pub.client:soapHTTP but service waiting for a long time~60 seconds to return a connection refused error message.

the port we are mapping to the address of pub.client:soapHTTP is blocked by firewall… so it will not work… but ideally it should have timedout in 5 seconds, but the problem is that its waiting for a very long time.

Wm version- 7.1.3

any thought why service taking long time?