SOAP RPC error

I created the test client on my application server and tested the webService. No problems there. But when I create a webService connector in webMethods and test the webService, it responds with the following error at SOAP:RPC service.



<faultstring>java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No Serializer found to serialize a ‘org.w3c.dom.Element’ using encoding style ‘[url=“”][/url]’.



Any suggestions would be helpful.


This is related to Schema encoding error when you are sending the XML data via default SOAP-RPC processor.So IS internal SOAP-RPC is throwing this SOAP FAULT Error.Reason might be the data/Elements which you are mapping to “reqParms”,targetInputSignature set in the pub.client:soapRPC service is not been properly encoded according to [url=“”][/url]’ defined in the WSDL file.

Anyways Mark is the webservices expert to resolve this issue.


Thanks for reply. Does IS default RPC-Encoding supports this call which I am trying to. I guess its specific to Apache SOAP and its not a standard encoding and IS supports standard encoding. As I developed the webserivce on appliaction server which supports Apache SOAP, thats might be the problem but I am not sure.

Any ideas?


Please go thru this documentation “SOAP_Developers_Guide.pdf”.provided by webMethods.

It explains the answer for using Default,SOAP-RPC Processors,custom SOAP Processors.



Can you use the Axis soapmonitor or tcpmonitor utility to capture the response from your web service? It appears that your service is returning something that IS can’t deserialize. The soap response message might give us a clue.

What is the signature of your web service? What data types does it accept/return?



I am trying to invoke a WebService. I have successfully created the WebService connector using the WSDL at the URL - “[url=“”][/url]”. When I’m trying to test the Server function NDFDgenByDay()/NDFDgen(), I’m getting the following error - Operation timed out: connect.

I have even set the, but still Im getting the same exception.

I have provided all the necessary inputs and even the host/function names are valid.
You can check the required inputs to the connector on the webpage - “[url=“”][/url]”.

Why am I getting this error when Im trying to test the webservice connector.

Environment is: IS 6.1 , windows XP, JVM 1.4.1


package (15.9 k)


See my answer on the other thread.
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