Pub.client.smtp service

In the Pub.client.smtp service,
I am sending one mail from our mail server to some other mailbox.
But i may get reply back like out of office, Do any of you have idea of how to avoid it.?

You can’t avoid that, since is the remote mailbox the one who replies, no matter if manually or automated like Out Of The Office.

Thnks for the information.
but is there any option like do not reply back …!!! just to confirm.

smtp service only sends a email, period.

As part of the text sent in the email, you can add a “Please do not reply” text, however you cannot control if a remote user decides to reply or not, or if has an Out Of the Office and automatically replies.

Why don’t you simply send a email with a dummy email account that if receives any email back it automatically deletes it?

So, Is there any automated way to send mail from WM.?

Any help will be appreciated.



You can use “pub.client:smtp” service from WmPublic package. You can define a dummy email id as sender (from address) in the input of this service so ideally if the reciever of the mail reply to you email it wont go anywhere.

Besides this you can also send automated emails from TN, based on predefined processing rules.