program API to mass load

Tamino version: 3 or 4
Mass load version: 3 and above
platform: independent

it would be nice to have an API to the mass load, which can be used inside of applications creating mass xml data by extracting mass data from other data source. example: runs of phone bill creation.
with this API it would be nice also to have flags controlling parts like PARSER on/off as the application may have checked/parsed the data already.

nay suggestion to this or do we have already work arounds for situations like this?


Hallo MichaelK,

although such an API is planned, you will likely be without one for quit a while. In the meantime you just could write your data to a file and use a ‘system(“inoxmld function=load …”)’ call in your application to have that functionality. Note that the flags that you suggested, have no meaning in the context of the mass load client - only scanning is done there, no parsing (and, as you will expect: on the server-side there is no way to skip parsing :wink:

All the best,