Massloading Utility

I tested the Tamino Mass Load utility on Windows 2000 in interactive mode.
The import performance for data with many indexes is quite good, and I will use this tool for initial loads/Data and migration scenarios.
But i’ve two questions:

- is the mass load utility also available on UNIX-Systems like SUN Solaris
- is there an API to inititate the mass loader also in applications like Java

best regards

Reto Peter

Yes the inoxmld (mass-loader) utility is available under open-systems with Tamino v2.3.

There is no API but you could use code like:


import java.lang.*;

public class runmassldr {
public static final void main (String args)
Runtime r = Runtime.getRuntime();
try {
String parameters ;
// build up parameters…

// and execute the utility.
r.exec (“inoxmld”);

catch (Throwable e) { }

Hi Peter,
I loaded 500MB of XML documet, which is Tamino load format, initially with 3 standard indexed elements and 1 text indexed element on Windows 2000. It took 112,499 sec (more than 31 hours).

What about your test results? Don’t you think this is a long time? Or is it available to increase the performance of mass load facility?



The Performance is quite good.
I have 1,5 GB of Data and many many standard and text indexes!
The result is: ca 5 hours to load 342’000 XML-documents!

best regards