massload of a directory with xml documents into Tamino with

Now it is possible to massload a directory with xml documents of the same doctype into Tamino with and massload utility inoxmld: is a perl script that converts a directory of xml documents into one big xml file which then can be loaded directly into Tamino with the Tamino massload utility inoxmld.

The filename of each xml document in the directory is used for the Tamino attribute ino:docname, so that each document can be called directly after a successful massload with the following URL:



1. download and unzip , you will get a directory mc-dir

2. read the documentation mc-dir/documentation/README.html and mc-dir/documentation/technical.html

Aditionally you may have a look at an example logfile mc-dir/mc-directory.log and an example outputfile mc-dir/mc-directory.xml

on Windows OS:
run mc-dir/test-mc.bat and have a look at the logfile mc-directory.log and the xml massload file mc-directory.xml

on Unix OS:
make executable (chmod 755 and run ./ mc-directory

4. have a look at the generated files mc-directory.log and mc-directory.xml .

5. Use to convert your own directories with xml documents

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