H have more than 10,000 XML files and I want to load them into Tamino database.
There is a Java load tool, but it seems that it can only load one file at a time.
Is there any Java API I can use to load all the files efficiently? Thanks!


Hi Frank,
you can do two things to load your data:
1. Create one file that can be used by the Tamino Massloader (see documentation in \Help\usergd\ugfastld.htm), e.g. with a little Perl script or a Java class.

2. Write a Java class that use the “HTTP Client API for Java” version 1 to load your documents.
(see documentation in \Help\domapi\domjava.htm#domjava)


Are the files all of the same type -
that is to say do they all have the same root element tagname?
If so you can use the Tamino Web loader

Nigel Hutchison

Yes, all files share same DTD.
Where is the web loader?
I can load with Tamino Interactive Interface, but I can’t do that with 10,000 files.


Don’t use the -m option - it creates RDF meta data and you won’t need that.

Tamino Web Loader Help
Version 0.8
-h shows help only
-v shows version only
-d selects an Directory to Load
If there are spaces in the path use %20 for each space
-u selects a Tamino Database and collection
-b selects a doctype (default test) This can be a non XML doc type
an XML doctype if all documents are of the right type
-c loads xm
the collection as XML and NonXML to the -b doctype
so file types must be indentifiable as XML
-x doesn’t write files which are already present
-X doesn’t write files which are already present and not younger
-H sets a proxy url
-N adds a noproxy doamain - can be used multiple times
-U sets a user name for Basic Authentication
-P sets a password for Basic Authentication
-t test mode - suppresses the database load
-p progress - logs one line per file (whether or not -l is select
-l switches on logging
-m switches on meta data creation
-O switches on optimism - will not stop on errors
-T sets a the time out to be different from the 300 sec default
TaminoWebLoaderM.pl.txt (15 KB)