Mass upload non xml data


Does anyone know what is the way to mass upload nonxml data? I wanted to have product gif for each product that I have mass uploaded. How can I achieve that. Any example?


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Hwee Choo

Hwee Choo,

you might try the simple loader in the enclosed zipfile, one of a few trivial Java classes using the Java API calls. Unpack the zipfile and run ino.cmd. You might need to adjust the paths in there.

Example for loading non-XML from the command line:
ino InsertNonXML http://localhost/welcome_4_1_4 ino:etc ino:nonXML *.gif
You might also need to update the .properties file that maps file extensions to MIME types.

Example for running an XQuery from the command line:
ino XQ http://localhost/tamino/welcome_4_1_4 RealEstate “for $q in input()/Property/@PropertyID return $q”

Regards Udo (12.6 KB)


the “Tamino Interactive Interface” and the Tamino X-Plorer allow for loading NonXML data, but just one by one. The massloader should support this in a future version, but propably not earlier than Q2/2004.

But if you know Java, there is an example in the JavaDOM_API paket. You can find the source code under …\Tamino 4.1.x\sdk\examples\taminoclientExamples.jar
(DemoSetNonXML and DemoGetNonXML)