Multiple XMLs


In the Realestate Demo from Demo Zone I found a
Realestate Demo Data XML file that contains 200
Property root nodes.I processed the file using
Tamino Interactive Interface and 200 documents were created in the database.

How was that possible?

I’m using Client Java API and I couldn’t insert such documents( only XMLs with a root) because
every parser I’ve used throws errors because of this.

Is it possible to do that using Java API?
Thank you.


this file is kind of a mass-load file. While you can not use this feature using the Java API, you will find valuably information on mass load and even a tool for it when you browse Tamino’s documentation.

Best regards, Andreas

You can, in fact, load a file containing repeating elements using the Java DOM API
using the TaminoClient xmlload method

The Javadoc says the following

public final TaminoResult xmlLoad(java.lang.String inputfile)
throws TaminoError
inputfile - - the input file to load
a Tamino Result Object
TaminoError -

It would be nice to have a method that took a string - but unfortunately the Java DOM API doesn’t have one - though the Jscript and Perl APIs do