Storage Mechanism

Hi ,
Can anybody explain me that how the records are inserted(appended) into tamino server ? For example, if i have created some database and loaded data from an XML document (RealEstate.xml), containing 100 records in the XML document. Now I want to insert another record into the database. Whether there will be a new XML document which will be created on the server or it will append the records into the same XML document.(RealEstate.xml).
if i compare with the relation technology then it should simply append the new XML data into the XML document representing the same entitiy. did i get it right ?


Hi there.

I think the RealEstate.xml file was not a document in XML sense. Tamino accepted it although there were more than 1 root node, and treated it as many separate documents. Now each document became one record in Tamino.

When you store another document it will become another record (append or insert), unless you specifiy the attribute ino:id in the root element with a value of an existing document. In that case this document will be replaced (overwrite, update).

Hence the RealEstate.xml file is not a wellformed XML document, but it is in something called Tamino Load format.