Process Japanese Data

We have a requirement where in we have to process an XML or an EDI which will contain Japanese text along with English Text.
Has any one done this earlier?
Help appreciated!


If your partner is using UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoding when they send the documents, you should be able to handle Japanese automatically. But in your code, make sure to parse it as proper encoding through out the system.

If your partner is using other Japanese-specific encoding, you need to convert them to UTF-8 in the entry service, then the rest should be the same.

thnx for ur quick reply, but my requirement is not to convert Japanense Data, but to retain it and pass it to the Destination as Japanese Data itself.


yes, risham … for retaining the japaese correctors please check what encoding partner is using. You need to implement the same in ur integration layer as well.
In the entry service as already suggest in previous replies… use the encoding scheme in transformation of data and while you are inserting into backend you can use the same encoding scheme to retain the original characters.


Just want to know if this solution also work if we have both japanese and Eng data in the Request.

yes it does… UTF charset support both.

Japanese document is often use SHIFT_JIS to encode and WM can handle it