Invalid Character Should Result in Reject Transaction

We are converting from BizTalk and we have a requirement if the customer sends in an invalid character (for example the degree sign or grave accent) that whole transaction set is rejected and returned to the partner in the 997. How can this be done using webMethods?

So far when I pass in a value not supported by the encoding it never errors out on the convertToValues. The TPA as a property called mutuallyDefinedCharSet, but I can’t find any documentation and SAG support said they didn’t know either and don’t use it.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

IS 10.1


Where do you get these spl chars with in the TS segment field data?

May be these chars are not considered in the validation trap (convertToValues unDef data??) and so instead can you create a formatService to handle that spl chars to fail in parsing explicitly and reference that FS in the FF dictionary/schema to make the convertToValues traps it?


This is an EDI 820, generally the N1 Loop N102, N301, or N302.

The partner provided a list of all allowed characters (see below). If a character not in that list is present, reject the transaction set. In BizTalk you select your character set from a list box and if something is sent in that doesn’t below the TS will get rejected.
Where do you set the escape character, don’t see it in the EDI TPA?

• Valid Characters for Data
Number Alpha Special Characters
0 a A -
1 b B (
2 c C )
3 d D ,
4 e E .
5 f F /
6 g G #
7 h H $
8 i I %
9 j J &
k K @
l L ‘
m M [
n N ]
o O +
p P !
q Q ;
r R ?
s S {
t T |
u U }
v V “
w W <
x X =
y Y >
z Z

Yes it should be on the EDITPA itself. but anyways I don’t think your requirement will fit in that criteria.

Can check if those N1 fields has any codelist present (on dictionary of the particular N1 segments N1 thru N3 depends on what exact N1 field your partner is sending those undef chars) and so that validation happens against while parsing the Values (if they sent other than that exists in the code list)

Just some thought to handle it as a workaround!


These fields are just strings with a length of 35. From the looks of it I’m guessing I just have to modify the EDI schema to add my own format service and perform the character validation using a regular expression or something similar.


Correct and you should be handle this with modified Schema and formatService develop layer:

Please post the results on how it goes:


I had to apply the formatService for every field that accepts characters. I didn’t want to modify any of the schemas for the X12 and group envelopes since they are pretty common. I just applied the FS within the 820 schema that I customized.

Really wish that within the TPA you can apply a reg expression in the mutuallyDefinedCharSet field, and the EDI module would do all the work for you.